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Yucutan 2016
Contributed by: denny
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Aloft in Cancun

Cancun is a nasty, touristy city with vendors jumping out at you saying "hello my friend" or "hey guys" or most notably "I know you're not interested but let me tell you about our special deal."
  Nomade at Tulum

Nomade is a wonderful resort/hotel near Tulum. Drive down 307 and take Boca Paila to the left about 10 km. Very slow driving on Boca but once you get there it's excellent.
  Art installation

These tubular chime sort of things are very pretty.
Reception at Nomade

This is the walkway up to the reception. You have to talk a ways into Nomade to get to this.
  Beach at Nomade

Their beach is among the best on the planet. Pristine white sands, very few people.
  The bed in the tent

We stayed in a tent at Nomade. Here's Nellie lying on the bed.
Tent outside

A view of the tent and its front porch. There was a private bath that was pretty much outside that thatch roof you see. So yes, when it happened to rain, the TP got soaked.
  Tent further out

A little better view of the thatched roof that covered the tents. We started in #39 but it was near the fence and in the adjacent lot they were doing construction, so we asked to be moved.
  One of the paths

Nomade is fairly large and these paths wind around to their various tents and buildings.
More rambling path

Immaculately kept up but we never saw folks working on it.
  The gratitude tent

They had a tent on the way in to reception they called the Gratitude Tent. It had books, carpets, wall hangings, incense, very atmospheric.
  2nd art installation

The thing they called the 2nd art installation was an area outside where you sat inside a ring of sticks on cushions.

Photo pages:
One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six   Seven   Eight  

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