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Russian Federation

Moscow Underground

During a month in Moscow I got lost a lot. Inches from sidewalks, cars flashed by in a blur, reminding me of standing on the shoulder of an L.A. freeway. To get to the other side I'd look for stairs down to long tunnels lined with shops. Since I had trouble identifying boulevards, and found train stations spelled three ways, I kept a map and compass handy. Rattled by the streets, my inclination was downward, into the world's most elegant Metro-- where I burrowed deep and survived by inserting myself into crowds, imitating mass movement, and trying not to block traffic or bump into anyone. I got by with two words from my measly Russian vocabulary: "excuse me" and "thank you."

Contributed by: lory
Saint-Petersburg tour
(no pictures)What will be so great about visiting Saint-Petersburg this summer? Saint-Petersburg is one of the most incredibly charming and beautiful cities of Europe, a thrill for the heart and senses can be experienced with such attractions as the White Nights, The Hermitage museum, bridge raisings and water trips. In addition, Saint-Petersburg is also a hosting arena for amazing world famous concert events, which should not be missed! This summer two of the most anticipated musical performances of the year will be taking place in Saint-Petersburg, when Britney Spears and Madonna bring their extraordinary talents to our wonderful city. Britney Spears, a world-famous superstar, is well-known for her smash hits "Born to Make You Happy", "I'm a Slave For You", "Toxic" and "I Love Rock & Roll". Britney will be on tour to promote her latest album "Circus" - which immediately topped the charts with the first single "Womanizer"- enabling her millions of fans to enjoy Britney Spears in concert, once again! Tickets are expected to be sold out quickly no time should be wasted in securing yours, as they are in incredibly high demand already! Make arrangements to catch the upcoming Britney Spears concert in Saint-Petersburg, before it is too late! Rumours about a new Madonna tour started flying immediately after the release of the Madonna album Hard Candy'. Millions of Madonna fans who were buzzing with anticipation couldn't believe their luck when the Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour was announced! The tour kicked off in Cardiff in 2008, and now brand new Madonna tour dates have been announced for 2009, in various cities around the world, including Saint-Petersburg! The dates are fixed and Madonna concert tickets can be secured here and now! It is not often we are blessed with a Madonna world tour and this particular Madonna tour promises to be extraordinary! To know more information about Saint-Petersburg

Contributed by: tatianara
North Pole & Total Solar Eclipse

From July 20 to August 3, 2008 over 250 passengers, staff and crew sailed on the Russian Icebreaker, 50 Years of Victory, to reach the North Pole and then to Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya to witness a total eclipse of the sun.

Contributed by: aussie
Citytrip St petersburgh

3 Days in september

Contributed by: jean.evers