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France (Includes Monaco)

A Stroll in Monet's Garden in Giverny, France

Claude Monet's water lilies are perhaps the best-known images among the French Impressionists. He painted the flowers as he saw them-- in his own water garden at home in Giverny, a rural village 50 miles northwest of Paris. He took the train to and fro, as did I. He would leave Paris for the town of Vernon from Saint Lazare Station, as did I. Then he'd take a horse and buggy for the last four miles home (I took the bus, but you can also hike or bike). Monet spent his last 40 years at Giverny, and the garden was his passion. Its colors were his pallet. Being there is getting inside the heart of his painting-- and a joyful pilgramige for art lovers everywhere.

Contributed by: lorbiter
France 2004

Spent 3 months in France from April 24th 2004

Contributed by: berylc
France October 2003

Paris Sucks.

Contributed by: sojourner