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Vancouver Island Conference Centre

The Vancouver Island Conference Center in downtown Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, is an exciting new venue for meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, receptions, and other events.

Contributed by: davidstanley
Awsome Snowcating in Revelstoke

For an ultimate snowcat powder skiing experience. If you have down hill skiing before this, you'll be shocked by the difference.

Contributed by: catski
Fifteen Day Bus Tour of Canadian Rockies
(no pictures)My first tour with My Man Tours. I had always wanted to see Lake Louise and Bampf. Loved the western states too. Canada is clean and slower paced and much more modern than I had thought (Calgary doesn't have horses in the streets.)

Contributed by: auggal

The beautiful capital of Canada

Contributed by: kioshi
The Western Coast of Newfoundland

In August 2004 we drove the entire Western coast of Newfoundland, from Channel-Port aux Basques to L'anse aux Meadows.

Contributed by: shenanigans
New Year's 2004 TORONTO

Another of our local overnight trips....This time to the Toronto Sheraton Hotel across from Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall)

Contributed by: james
Our Trip to Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver! What a gorgeous place to visit - even in the rain!

Contributed by: kioshi

Kayaking in Desolation Sound British Columbia

Contributed by: kioshi
Western Canada RoadTrip

We've just completed a road trip of Alberta and British Columbia (Aug 2 to 15).

Contributed by: james
Niagara Falls

Overnight trip to Niagara Falls (July 03)

Contributed by: james